NEW FREE AGA Fonts for Arabic text and headings  
  Quite a few of AGA fonts are offered for free personal use. You can download a collection of AGA True Type fonts on this page. These fonts have quite a few applications and they are widespread in the applications of graphic design. They can bee seen in press ads, TV commercials, signboards, and a multitude of other applications in the Arab countries. Please note that these fonts are for personal use only and they are not offered for sale or commercial recycling. If you need to use the fonts for such purposes you need to take permission. Thank You  
  Download AGA Andalus V2.0  
  Download AGA Cordoba Reg V2.0  
  Download AGA Cordoba Bold V2.0  
  Download AGA Cordoba Reg V3.0  
  Download AGA Granada V2.0   
  Download AGA Sindibad Reg V2.0  
  Download AGA Sindibad Bold V2.0  
  Download AGA Mashq Reg V2.0  
  Download AGA Mashq Bold V2.0  
  Download AGA Rasheeq Reg V2.0  
  Download AGA Rasheeq Bold V2.0  
  Download AGA Kayrawan V2.0  
  Download AGA Balloon V2.0  
  Download all the above FREE fonts in compressed format (RAR)  
  NEW AGA Arabesque Designer Dingbat Fonts (For Sale)  
AGA Islamic Phrases in Arabesque and Calligraphic Design
Install the font and use it on any drawing program to yield such beautiful images at a press of a button.

Each file contains between 75 to 90 Arab cities from a number of Arab countries. More countries will be added regularly.

Tunisian Cities in Arabesque Design
AGA Islamic Phrases   AGA Tunisian Cities
Palestinian Cities in Arabesque Design Egyptian Cities in Arabesque Design KSA  Cities in Arabesque Design
AGA Palestinian Cities AGA Egyptian Cities AGA KSA Cities
Syrian Cities in Arabesque Design Lebanese Cities in Arabesque Design Yemein Cities in Arabesque Designe
AGA Syrian Cities AGA Lebanese Cities AGA Yemeni Cities
Lybian Cities in Arabesque Design Qatari Cities in Arabesque Design Jordanian Cities in Arabesque Design
AGA Lybian Cities AGA Qatari Cities AGA Jordanian Cities
Download a PDF Demo
Download a PDF Demo

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